Sod Measurement Guide

Sod Measurement Guide

Plan your work and work your plan, a guide to sod measurement.


Installing sod is the most convenient and fastest method of establishing an immaculate lawn. Sod is sold by the square foot, so it’s important to make sure you know exactly how much sod is needed to fully cover your lawn. For most lawns you want to measure the length and width of the areas that will require sod in your project, to get total square feet needed. For irregular shaped areas, split the measurement into square or rectangles and add them together for the total. It is wise to add 5-10% to your project to compensate for cut-in waste and for irregular shaped areas.

Planning Sod weight is approximately between 5 and 6 pounds per square foot. Our sod is harvested in pieces 16″ wide and 45″ long (5 square feet). Sod is a perishable product; therefore size should be properly prepared so that installation can take place immediately after delivery. Sod measurement can be tricky depending on the

For accurate sod measurement, measure the area you want to sod. It may be helpful to sketch the lawn area and white down measurements. This helps to ensure all areas are accounted for. For calculating square footage, use the formulas below. As a rule of thumb, it is wise to add up to 5% to compensate for measuring errors and estimation.

Rectangle A = Base(b) x Height(h) Example: Square or rectangle’s base is 10 feet, and the square’s or rectangle’s height is 8 feet. A= 10 x 8 A = 80 square feet

Circle A = 3.14 x r
Example: Circle’s radius(r) is 10 feet. Multiply the known 3.14 by the radius squared. A = 3.14 x 10 A = 3.14 x 100 A = 314 square feet

Triangle A = (Base(b) x Height(h))/2 Example: Triangle’s base is 10 feet and the height(base to point) is 20 feet A = 10x 20 / 2 A = 100 square feet

Do you need advice for your sod project? We are a family owned and operated farm and one of our sod experts would love to speak with you or reply to your online question. Call us at 951-654-7721 to speak with one of our sod experts.

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