Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What kinds of grass do you offer?

A: We have a Quality Plus blend that is specifically made for easy maintenance and durability. Find out more about our products here.

Q: How should I measure the area that I want to sod?

A: We have a great instruction guide on the best ways to measure the area where you would like to lay the sod. Check that out here.

Q: When should I start preparing my soil for the sod?

A: We recommend that you start preparing the soil at least two days in advance. Be sure to water thoroughly the night before the installation to allow the water time to absorb into the soil.

Q: What is the best way to install the sod?

A: Check out our installation guide for a helpful how-to of the entire process.

Q: Can I have the sod delivered and then install it later?

A: We do not recommend that you let your sod sit out for any period of time. For best results, have your sod delivered when you are ready to install it right away.

Q: Can I cover the sod while I’m waiting to install it (if it rains, for example)?

A: Never cover your sod with any type of material. Have your sod delivered when you are ready to install. If it is going to rain on your anticipated delivery date and you cannot install it that day, give us a call and we can reschedule the delivery.

Q: Do I have to install my grass at a certain time during the year?

A: There is no limitation on when you must install your sod, but some types of grasses do better when installed at a certain point during the year. Talk to us about our products and we can make a recommendation based on your needs.

After Installation:

Q: When can I mow my lawn after it has been installed?

A: You can begin mowing after the sod has been down for at least 8 to 12 days, and we recommend waiting two to four weeks. If the grass gets pretty long in that time, use two passes to cut it by raising the mower blade. This will decrease the shock on the grass when it is cut.

Q: How soon after installation can I use fertilizer?

A: Wait for at least a month before using any fertilizer on the grass. We recommend 15-15-15 in the spring and summer, and 21-7-14 in the fall and winter. Be sure to follow the package directions and water thoroughly after each treatment. Do not use ammonium sulfate.

Q: When can I start walking on my lawn after it has been installed?

A: Avoid walking on the grass for at least four weeks after the sod has been installed.

General Maintenance:

Q: How much of the grass blade should I take off each time I mow?

A: Never remove more than 1/3 of the blade length in each pass. Taking off too much can “shock” the grass and make it look and feel unhealthy.

Q: How often should I water my lawn?

A: We recommend watering new lawns for 15 to 20 minutes three times a day. For the first two weeks, water at 6:00 a.m., 10 a.m., and 2 p.m. Never water your lawn at night. Watering at night will encourage fungus growth.

Q: Do I water my lawn the same amount for every season?

A: The short answer is no, as the seasons change, your watering habits should too. Find out more using our seasonal maintenance guide.

Q: I’m having some problems with my grass. Can I call you for help?

A: Yes! We love helping our customers have green, luscious grass. You can also visit our troubleshooting guide for help as well. Let us put our thirty years of experience to work for you! Call 951-654-7721.

David at qturf really stepped it up for us. He was so patient and helpful with all of our needs. My only regret is not redoing or yard sooner!  The prices are competitive and the sod is absolutely gorgeous. Our gardener was so impressed with the quality. Here we are, one year later, and we are STILL the envy of our neighbors!

Liat S. – Upland, CA
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