Quality Plus Sod - Drought Tolerant Landscaping Turf

Available all year-round
Quality Plus sod is an amazing new seed mix that is specially formulated to be easy to maintain. It has both Dwarf Fescue and Kentucky bluegrass to give it a vibrant color. It is great for California’s climate—even in the dry seasons! It is rugged enough to withstand children and dogs, but still very visually appealing, and, because of the bluegrass, it will actually repair itself if it sustains any damage. It offers fast germination and strip ability as well. It will grow about 25 inches to 30 inches per year. It thrives best at a height of about 2 inches, but it can be cut down to about 1 ½ inches.

Other fantastic benefits:

  • Quality Plus sod will stay green for the whole year!
  • Grows slower than Tall Fescue
  • Grows well in both the sun and moderate shade
  • Great resilience, even in high traffic areas
  • Drought tolerant because of its deep root system

David at qturf really stepped it up for us. He was so patient and helpful with all of our needs. My only regret is not redoing or yard sooner!  The prices are competitive and the sod is absolutely gorgeous. Our gardener was so impressed with the quality. Here we are, one year later, and we are STILL the envy of our neighbors!

Liat S. – Upland, CA