Quality Turf’s Drought Tolerant Sod Products

Drought Tolerant Landscaping Turf

All Season Green Grass
If you want grass that is green all-year-round, then you have come to the right place. Our Quality Plus Sod variety has a deep root system that is perfect for California’s climate, even in the dry seasons. Because California is prone to drought, sod that will still be green and lush the whole year is especially important to landscapers, homeowners, and businesses. Green grass adds a great curb appeal element to any property, but grass that cannot withstand the California climate will brown and die quickly.

Using Sod Instead of Grass Seed

The best part about using sod is that the sod can be installed in a day. That means that you have beautiful green lawn in 24 hours as opposed to waiting several weeks for grass seeds to sprout and grow. When it comes to lawn landscaping, nothing beats sod for instant gratification. There are a few other benefits as well:

• Uses less water
• Produces fewer weeds
• Maintenance costs are less over time

Sod Products

We grow and deliver all of our sod products to our customers on their schedule. Quality Turf offers two outstanding varieties of sod:


Quality Plus Sod

Quality Plus Sod

  • Available All Year-Round
  • Great in High Traffic Areas
  • Drought Tolerant | Water Smart
  • Kid and Pet Friendly
  • Repairs Itself – Low Maintenance!
  • Perfect all around residential lawn

Aloha Seashore Paspalum Sod


Aloha Seashore Paspalum Sod

  • Great alternative to St. Augustine
  • It stands up well in high traffic areas
  • Works well in a variety of soils
  • Can survive in wet and water-logged areas.
  • You can kill weeds with ordinary table salt.
  • Aloha is great for oceanside applications. Salt spray over seawalls won’t harm it.
  • It is perfect for situations where quality irrigation water is not an option.

Quality Turf provides superior products and services. Each lawn is different, and we understand that your needs may be different from your neighbors. We offer professional and friendly service that larger stores cannot provide. Give us a call at (951) 654-7721 to help you pick the drought tolerant sod product that works best for you.

First class all the way. Fantastic and helpful customer service. The price and the quality were great. Yes, First class! Thank you all.

Jill E. – Hemet, CA
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